Window wrapping

Window wrapping

A colorful graphic on the store window is surely more eye catching than a regular transparent glass. This kind of ad helps to stand out from the rest buildings. Wrapped window can be an ad or it can give information about present sale or promotions. We guarantee to deliver the highest quality in designing and putting in place any ad you wish.

Characteristics for One Way Vision Foil is from the inside the glass is transparent but from the outside you see the graphic. It is completely see thru and it lets 80% of the light inside. It is great for stores, offices and for the glass walls inside of the building.

We offer printing and wrapping with One Way Vision foil, regular foil with a print and/ or special foil as imitating glass sandblasted.


Price 17,25 € includes:

  • Printing foil 1m2


Price 8 € includes:

  • Wrapping 1m2​

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