Signboards ​

The simplest and most inexpensive solution is cut graphics on sticky foil or printed solvent printing technique glued on PVC or other plastic material.​

This type of advert can be lightening by spotlights. Choosing material, from which we are making the advertisement, depends on the place of installation and expectations of our client. Our team is always glad to give any advice on the solution to reach our clients expectation.

These information boards on which you have info where your business is located, open time and/or telephone number, it is easy to promote your business in places you choose to (buildings, stairway).

We make constructions for every size

Price 6,90 € per meter includes:​

  • Material to welded advert
  • Welding
  • Chlorinated rubber painting 

Medium advert

Price 32 € per m2 includes:​

  • Foil with laminate foil resistant to UV
  • PLEXI  or galvanized sheet  0,7
  • Tiling

Price about 23 € includes:​

  • Installation depending on the difficulty attaching advert


Sample projects

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