Advertisement pylons

Advertisement pylons​


  • Sides oval aluminum frame any color, powder coating
  • Front opal Plexiglas 3mm
  • Hat Dibond plate 3mm, frame covering tape 2,5cm
  • Supporting structure steel pole 60mm with corrosion protection
  • Steel foot under mounting screws
  • Underneath Dibond plate 3mm
  • Lighten by LED
  • Powered by 60 W, darkness sensor, simple graphic.
  • Pylon or totem as modern carrier of information about company, can be seen during the day and by night is perfect to show off your company. Advantage of this type of advert is a clear message, well seen from the road, low use of power, not too high costs. Before ordering please contact us to schedule an appointment to get exact dimensions and type of foundation where it would be standing.  


Size Price
200x50cm 633 €
200x100cm 922 €
250x80cm 1070 €
300x100cm 1220 €

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