Illuminated aluminum frame

Illuminated aluminum frame​

  • New innovation technology, using LED panel
  • Light is scatter all over the ad
  • LED color: white
  • Ultra thin construction: only 28mm !!!
  • Construction: aluminum frame
  • Dimensions: 660 x 485mm (A2 graphic)
  • Can be hanged or screwed onto the wall
  • Power safe
  • Easy way to exchange the ad material, poster: the print is placed inside, under the front panel( back: lit – LED panel)
  • Latched frame
  • Easy and comfortable in use
  • Multi function: visual communication, hotel, markets, restaurants, pub, bars, gas stations, airports… private interior.
  • Ideal for menu
  • Buy now 99,99 €l with delivery 105 €

Illuminated LED frame OWZ A2​

  • 196 €


Illuminated LED frame OWZ A1​

  • 237 €

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