Positioning sites

Positioning sites​

We offer positioning sites at chosen key phrases in GOOGLE.PL browser. Ranks of website in search engine possess more than 90% of polish search market, plus optimizing code and content of page is a form of perfection promoting in polish internet. Positioning sites is a long term process. The cost is ranged depending on the phrases our client wants to be found in search browser. We also use Google AdWords to positioning sites – running a campaign of sponsored links.

Optimizing www sites

Optimizing internet sites offer applies to changes made to your website in order to improve its index in internet search, especially in Google search. Service code gets optimized, its structure, metadata and many other factors compatible with the art of white seo.

Website audits

We take care of professional quality audit of internet sites that are very useful choosing positioning strategy of internet sites.

Price :

  • 250 €

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