Renewing website

Renewing website



Renewing websites in our offer is based on cycle or single change brought on demand of our client. We offer renewing websites, adding new sections, modifying photo gallery, updating novelty on webpage, rebuilding existing sections, adding new scripts to pages and more.

Price of renewing is set individually to clients need. We also remake, configure and update pages in Flash technology.

Why is it important to be updated?

Webpage that is frequently updated is seen as it is modern and on time. Often updated pages have their loyal customers, who expect from the server new, interesting information in a subject they are looking for. Not updated page is always rejected by surfer, because no one wants to read information for example that happened a year ago. Therefore updating your webpage is very important to earn trust and bigger popularity in web.

Fixing websites

We also have website service. If you have incomplete project, or a project that needs to be fixed on change it function – we will be more than welcome to help you. We optimize page code, we fix the quality of graphic, upgrade speed of opening pages in every browser. We finish undone and left alone projects. We invite you to use our service.

Renewing websites

Renewing www pages are taken care off according to fixed schedule and scope of planned work. At any time there is a possibility to take a peek at modification, adding new updated tasks or make changes that will benefit more. Updates are quick, on time and the way our client wishes for. Today’s rapid development in social media demands from WebPages to be always on time with every possible needed information I order to be noticed and followed by.

Cost of update

Every cost of update is taken care individually. It is counted on quantity of work needed to be done at actual project. Single update price starts from few zlotys and up. You can choose from single or cycle updates. If you need your page to be updated quickly, professionally and not expensive – we are waiting for your questions and suggestions.

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