Pen drive


Saving data and transferring it in electronic format is a basic function everyone does. Therefore,  USB flash drive can be used as a gift to premium class clients. We offer variety of shape and plugs to traditional computer, laptop and other electronic equipment. Engraving with laser gives great results. Our pen drive can be attached to a chain leash. It is one of the best gifts to young people, who are familiar with electronic world. You can design any graphic you wish for. High capacity and good looks makes it irreplaceable in everyday use.

Type Available Colours Printing / engraving Dimensions Photos Price
Pendrive Solaris 8Gb

laser engrave (front, back) 3,3cm x 1,1cm x 0,6cm
100 €
Pendrive Twister 8GB

laser engrave (front, back) 5,6cm x 1,9cm x 1,0cm
110 €
Pendrive Helios 8GB

laser engrave (front, back) 4,6cm x 1,7cm x 0,8cm
123 €
Pendrive Citadel 8Gb

laser engrave (front, back) 5,8cm x 1,8cm x 0,9cm
123 €

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