Large format ad banner attracts clients and is very effective when placed in the right banners are weatherproof, so they can last long.

Standard banner

510g/ m2

Price 13 € includes:

  • Material to printing
  • Any full colored, digital, solvent print
  • Fully finished banner – harder corners (welded) and metal eyes

How to count?

To count the surface of the banner, you must multiply its height times width (both dimensions should be in meters)

Reflective banner

510g/ m2

Price 25 € includes:

  • Reflective banner FRONTLIT 600gr weatherproof
  • Print resolution 720 x 720 DPI – printing wave interlaced with th e newest technology without sandblasting
  • Harder edges (welded)
  • Punching every 40 – 50cm (stainless steel)

Professional project:

  • Up to 3m2 25 €
  • More than 3m2 38 €

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